Microsoft Ignite is now over and it’s time to do a quick recap of the sessions about Teams Development Platform. On-demand videos are starting to be available on


BRK2463 – Introduction to programmable voice and video in Microsoft Teams

BRK2453 – Drive Digital Transformation through Apps in Microsoft Teams

THR2227 – Developing functionality for Microsoft Teams using the SharePoint Framework

THR2040 – Build a bot in five minutes

THR2147 – Automate the creation of teams and channels in Microsoft Teams

BRK3119 – Deep dive into building apps for Microsoft Teams

BRK3136 – How to manage secure, custom applications in Microsoft Teams

THR3094 – Design for engaging web parts and Microsoft Teams tabs

BRK2118 – Adaptive Cards in Teams, Windows, Outlook and your own applications

There will have so much stuffs to test in the coming weeks! It’s a new way to structure and develop real-time media applications but it should open new apps opportunities.

Stay Tuned!


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