//build is one of the biggest event in Microsoft Developers Community. Each edition means announcements of new technologies, new releases and new tools to help developers.

This year, main topics are around Azure, Artificial inteligence, Bots, Microsoft Graph, Windows, Mixed Reality and design.

There are many topics to discuss and to test out, but i want to focus on Skype for Business. There were three sessions concerning SfB, more precisely, in regards to the development platform.

Integrate presence, chat, audio, and video into custom apps with Skype for Business

First, there was a session on all the news and demos that demonstrated the seamless integration using Skype for Business.

After a quick reminder of what the dev platform is and how it is globally integrated with Office 365, Andrew Bybee talked about Microsoft Graph. Skype for Business is not very integrated so far, but i think it’s very important to keep an eye on it.


Microsoft Graph is the API endpoint to access data in Microsoft’s cloud. At the beginning, it was used to connect to Office 365 workloads.

During the keynotes, the speakers announced that Windows is coming to the graph and add notion of devices. This feature enables great usage, such as “Project Rome” synchronizing user experience across all Windows Devices.

They have also demonstrated new capabilities on Microsoft Bot Framework : Skype for Business is available as a new channel!


Now that we have the tools, let’s go to develop great applications :

Build bots in Skype for Business

As i said previously, Skype for Business is now a new channel in Microsoft Bot Framework (in preview). Skype has been there since the beginning and was one of the first channel.

It’s only available with Skype for Business Online and it’s leveraging Trusted Application API

There are interesting features that enable any users to reach the bot and ask questions. LUIS, the Natural Language Processing platform can be added to offer a consistent conversation. Unlike others channels, this one can also send messages without being contacting. For example, it can send alert notification to a specific user.

New Virtual Health Templates extend Skype for Business as platform for developers

This project was released in February and it’s available on github. The scenario is pretty similar to the one described above but only with web clients. This is a good solution if you want to test final apps that are based on Skype Web SDK and Trusted Application API.


That’s all from Skype. Don’t hesitate to watch others sessions, which you can find on channel 9

Stay Tuned!


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